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**Richard Miller did a very quick, affordable and efficient job replacing my leaking 25 year old roof. Within three days of my first call, Richard had been to the house, called with an estimate, came back to my home to review and sign a contract and replaced the roof. He and his crew were polite, respectful and willing to explain their work. I highly recommend Richard and would hire him for another job myself.
David Myers-Dyer Ave. Roof Job

**I wanted to thank you for the great work you and your crew did when replacing my roof.

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I've hired Richard Miller to replace my roof which had some storm damage. First up, my insurance company agreed to pay only for part (half) of the roof and I had to pay for the rest.

I got some quotes from other roofers but would be ending up paying almost and in some cases more than double what my insurance would pay. That's when I found Richard on Craigslist and called him. He seemed to be a fairly straight forward and honest individual. I got a quote from him that gave me something to think about and consider his bid. I called couple of his references from Craigslist and they had good things to say about his work. I then let him do the job. He and his crew spent couple of days and got the work done. He did not come with a bunch of guys, just 4 or 5 and he was always there working with them. He explained to me what was involved in roofing and always answered my questions patiently as I wanted to know exactly what they were doing.

After they were done there was heavy rain within few days on a Sunday and I noticed a leak. I called him at 11:00 AM and he was there by Noon the same day. Now, that I did not expect from him (showing up within an hour on a Sunday). He immediately fixed the leak and came back to fix the small portion of the ceiling that became damp because of the leak. There was a problem with the ridge vent which he replaced without me asking for it as he noticed that something did not look good with the product he used. I thought I would not mention the leak here as that might defeat the whole purpose of this mail. Well, I then thought, who in this world is 100% perfect. I'm a computer programmer and cannot guarantee a 100% perfect software in the first go. Even doctors try different medicines on their patients these days. The fact that he took my issue seriously and showed up within an hour of my call means a lot to me. He fixed the issue immediately and assured me that he always stood behind his work and that's a big confidence booster for me.
Cincinnati, Ohio

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