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Jobdeals.com changes the way you find help for local jobs you need done - Instead of digging through countless postings on sites like craigslist or kijiji, Jobdeals notifies businesses and professionals in your area that we believe can serve you best and invite them to submit a price quote for your job.
Think of it like Ebay® for your local jobs - you post what you need done and service providers bid on your job. You get multiple price quotes from people interested in doing your job and book an appointment with them online with one click, saving you the time and hassle of calling around.
Jobdeals helps you get the job done at the time and place you want, at the best price possible!
It's All About Safety
Jobdeals takes booking local jobs online to the next level by offering multiple levels of verifications for our service pros. Know that you're hiring someone who is who they say they are!
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